Getting Started Getting Fit

If you haven't been working out and find yourself struggling just to make it through the day, ending up in an exhausted heap on the bed at night, finding time to workout can be an added stressor, instead of a stress relief.   If I am just too busy in a day, I will purposefully decide to skip the gym.  Then forget it and go the next day.

It's often difficult for women to take/make time for themselves (because there is no time left to give after giving it all to your work and/or family).  If you are struggling with starting a workout routine, or can't seem to find the time, a great place to get started is to just get moving.

A short 15-30 minute walk/jog in your own neighborhood will do you wonders.  I love to get outside in the fresh air and feel so much better afterwards.  Of course, I prefer running in our local park around the 3-mile track because it is such a pretty scene and I love the energy of the people.

Realistically though, I know that the park is about an hour out of my day because I have to drive there (7 minutes), find a parking spot (3 minutes), commit to 3 miles (at least 30 minutes), and drive home (7 minutes).  If I really only have 20 minutes, I'll just grab my ipod, and head out the front door for a quick jog.

Sometimes, the mental energy for gearing up for the gym or park is just too much for people to handle.  But, hopefully, just walking out your front door is doable.

I really also love it when the family takes a walk before or after dinner.  A walk is still getting your body moving!  In my neighborhood, we see lots of families doing this. One person can run ahead if they want to go faster- or use a running stroller if you have little ones.  My son really likes riding in his.

I have found that if you get moving, you will start to like how you feel and want to do it more.  Just starting can be the hardest part- figuring out how to fit it into your day.   But it is an investment in you that you deserve and, frankly, NEED to take care of yourself.

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Getting Started Getting Fit
Getting Started Getting Fit
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