How I Wake Up Early to Workout

Are any of you getting enough sleep?

I'm definitely a girl who needs her 8 hours and could easily sleep in on the weekend (and take a nap too) if given the opportunity.  I'm realizing that, in order to get all my workouts in, some days I have to exercise before work.  Which means waking up around 5:00 to 5:15 a.m.  UG!  Not being a morning person, I can say opening my eyes at the crack of dawn is not fun.  But once I get going, I feel so great that I got up and got it done!

Here are my tips for waking up early and getting out the door. 

First and foremost, DECIDE before you get to bed, that you are waking up early and pick the appropriate time.   Think about why you are getting up early and what you want to accomplish.  I know I'm going to feel so bad if I plan to get up early to work out, but miss it because I slept too late to do it.  

1.  When my alarm goes off, I sit up and get my feet onto the floor.  If I don't do this QUICK, I'm likely to talk myself out of getting out of bed.  I literally get up the second the alarm goes off and get moving before I have time to think how cozy it is in the bed.  Don't think "cozy," think "Get up NOW!"  And don't hit snooze!

2.  Have coffee set to brew.  This is critical for me.  Knowing that my coffee is ready and waiting for me helps get me downstairs.  I pour mine into a thermos and drink it on the way to the gym.

3.   Get everything prepared the night before (gym clothes laid out, breakfast ready to go, water bottle filled).

4.  I've been eating oatmeal (with raisins, cinnamon, and almond slices topped with skim milk) which cooks in one minute in the microwave, before I head out since I can't workout on an empty stomach.  

Having my workout over and done with for the day first thing is really rewarding.  And it frees the rest of the day for whatever else you have planned.

Now that I've had a few morning workouts, I realize I actually enjoy that quiet alone time.  Knowing that my son is soundly sleeping and I'm not interrupting his routine to get my workout in is great.

I will probably continue mixing it up, working out a couple mornings, couple evenings and on Saturday.

Are you a morning exerciser?  
How do you make yourself wake up early?

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How I Wake Up Early to Workout
How I Wake Up Early to Workout
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