Live Fit Phase 3

Last year I started the Live Fit 12 Week Trainer and saw really great results after completing Phase 1 and Phase 2 (the first 8 weeks), then I had a leg injury that prevented me from completing the last phase.  Also, I had gotten pretty lean in the first 8 weeks, so I felt okay waiting to finish.

To recap, here are some pics of the first 8 weeks, unfortunately I didn't get pictures of each week so these are the only ones I have to share.  (Isn't it amazing how much better we can look with a tan?) 

Now that I'm all healed, I'm starting Phase 3, the last 4 weeks of the Live Fit Trainer.  The last phase focuses on high intensity interval training (HIIT) for maximum fat burning while maintaining the muscle you've gained.  Also, there is "carb cycling" to help reduce fat.  Because I'm already pretty lean and don't want to get too much leaner, I will probably continue eating the way I did during weeks 1-8, that is, every 3-4 hours, with "cheat meals" on the weekends and maybe a couple pieces of dark chocolate after dinner.  I will reduce my sugar and caffeine intake, so I'll report back on how that goes.

I copied the information below straight from the Live Fit website so you can see an overview of the final phase of the program.  
* * * * * 

*My calorie range was 1230-1530.  Go HERE to calculate your calories.

I use to track my food (calories, carbs, protein and fat).  


Are you doing the Live Fit Trainer?  I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments below!  If you're doing another program, please let us know about that too.  

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Live Fit Phase 3
Live Fit Phase 3
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