Medical Coding Companies in India

Medical Coding Companies in India have grownup enormously like different outsourcing perform in India like Legal Outsourcing, IT Outsourcing etc. The growth in Communications and net has been the most important enabler of the price Arbitrage between Developed Countries and India. The globalization of Capital, Information and Trade has not been in the midst of a real globalization of Labor. However the uncontrolled force of laissez-faire economy finding out higher profits has created Medical Billing to India an enormous success resulting in a win relationship. Medical Transcription Companies in India area unit still quite tiny compared to their large IT counterparts like Wipro, TCS etc. 
Medical Coding and Billing

Most of those Medical Billing Companies can most likely not win that scale either being eventually absorbed by the Biggies as they appear to expand their Domain experience to Medical Billing and Transcription. Here may be a list of the most important Medical Billing Companies in India.

Ascent Business Solutions
Ascent Business Solutions are the Leaders in Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing in India. It provide integrated health care business solutions not just for their clients in India, but also provide solutions and services across the globe. A number of their services are Coding Analysis, Coding Documentation, Medical Transcription, Health Care Medical Billing and Medical Coding. Ascent Business Solutions offer Knowledge Process Outsourcing Service for many complex processes in the medical and healthcare industry and Ascent is offering value-added services like medical and surgical content management, ICD Coding, HCPCS coding and spend management analysis.

Ascent Business Solutions encompass a comprehensive suite of back office services for physicians and hospitals ranging from Medical Transcription Services, Demographics Entry, Medical Coding, Charge Entry and Payment Posting Services, Accounts Receivable Management, Customized Software Solutions.

Medusind is one in all the leading outsourcing Companies, provides integrated health care business solutions, each onshore and offshore. The company provides services together with medical secret writing, health care charge, medical transcription, secret writing documentation and secret writing analytics. Their KPO services gift solutions for advanced processes within the health care business and provides worth more services like pay management analytics, HCPCS secret writing, and med-surg content management.

GeBBS may be a leading supplier of health care Business method Outsourcing services to health care suppliers (Medical Billing Companies, Hospitals, college Practices, ASC’s, LTC’s, etc.) and Pharmacies.Inc. Magazine declared that GeBBS health care Solutions, Inc., may be a leading supplier of Offshore health care Revenue Cycle Management Services & hierarchic 350 in its annual ranking of the nation’s five hundred fastest-growing personal Companies. Primarily based in New Jersey with multiple world Delivery Centers set in India.

Outsource2india may be a Medical Billing company and offers a comprehensive and totally integrated Medical Billing answer. Their Medical Billing specialists have expertise with insurance payers together with health care and health care. They need over 750 world customers.

Vee Bill
Vee Bill is that the health care and health plans process arm of Vee Technologies providing HIPAA Medical Billing & total health care back office solutions. Vee supply services to individual medico offices, family practices, clinics, hospitals and charge Companies. VeeBill’s expertise in operating with United States of America hospitals Associate in nursing clinics has enabled it to supply an end-to-end answer within the health care house.
Medical Coding Company

Ecare India
Ecare India was started in early 2000 within the Medical Billing business. Ecare India is Associate in Nursing ISO certified and HIPAA compliant Medical Billing Company. Its Medical Billing services area unit health care revenue cycle management, assets management, medical secret writing outsourcing, categorization medical records, insurance eligibility verification, medico credentialing and conversion. It provides end-end Medical Billing services.

Nissi charge may be a part of Nissi InfoTech software Package Company primarily based at Coimbatore, South India. It provides comprehensive cost-efficient HIPAA compliant Medical Billing answer Nissi provides services to countries – Great Britain, US, Japan, Canada, Israel, Asian country and Singapore.

AllZone Management Solutions provides a comprehensive list of Medical Billing services that helps to extend revenues and scale back prices up to five hundredth.

Pacific may be a world BPO company that gives targeted value and method optimization solutions to purchasers within the health care business.  Serves Primary health care business services transcription, coding, billing, AR follow up and Dental Management .

Medisweans is that the Medical Billing arm of Sweans Technologies opposition. Based in United States of America, Sweans contains a world presence with workplaces in Great Britain and India with the Indian office handling most of the Medical Billing outsourcing work. one in all the quickest growing Medical Billing Companies specializing dental insurance charge in India conjointly supply managing and maintaining the project on a gaoler basis.

In order to pick a service supplier, one ought to clearly detain mind the expertise of the supplier. Secrecy of patient information is of utmost necessary therefore you must make sure that the supplier you decide for is 100% HIPAA compliant. Having knowledgeable and competent Medical Billing service supplier by your facet can guarantee growth in your patient base with facultative you denote a lot of quality time towards patient care.
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Medical Coding Companies in India
Medical Coding Companies in India
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