Bikini Contest Prep // 3 Weeks Out

With just 3 weeks left until my bikini contest, I'm finally feeling confident that I'll be able to hold my own on stage.  This is such a big relief!  It just goes to show that over time, with the right diet and exercise, how much you can change your body.  Of course, I'd love to win, but in reality, just changing my physique to this degree and making it to the contest without chickening out is a big win in my book!  And eating clean for so long is a big deal.  I'm a girl who LOVES her sweets!  Chocolate, ice cream, ice-tall 2-pump mocha from Starbucks, cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies . . .  I digress.  

I was thrilled to learn I got to have a specific cheat meal on Saturday night at a restaurant!  I haven't had a true "date night" in a very long time, so this was good news.  Even though there was no alcohol involved.  The meal I was allowed to have was steak (no oil and no butter) I ordered a 6 oz filet, plain baked potato, and dessert (I got the molton chocolate cake) and it was awesome.  But, I was so uncomfortably full after my meal for about two hours that my stomach hurt.

I sent pictures to my trainer on Saturday afternoon before the meal and again on Sunday morning, but we didn't notice much change.  These pictures are from Saturday- exactly 3 weeks out from my contest.  My stomach is coming down and tightening up and my legs and arms have more definition. 

Even though there was no discernible difference between before and after the cheat meal, I do notice HUGE changes from when I started this journey to now.  If you've been following along, you know I started focusing on getting in shape in February and began by working out on my own and eating better.  At that time, I measured time by how long I'd been working out so 'Week 1' was my first week back in the gym and 'Week 3' was 3 weeks later.  Now, I'm counting backwards from my contest date, so '3 Weeks Out' means I have 3 weeks until my contest.  I've been at this for about 6 months now and been working with my trainer since April.  I've been on a strict meal plan for about 9 weeks.  


I registered for the contest this weekend.  I will be competing in the BIKINI division in two categories: 1) Novice (for first-timers or anyone who has competed previously, but not won), and 2) Masters (over age 35) - I'm 39.

My bikini has been ordered, but I still need to go for my final fitting.  I have my heels.  The pic below is just a sample suit.  My stage suit will be aqua with different connectors and aqua-colored beading. I tried on this black top (a size 'C' because the 'D' was too much fabric).

I need to figure out if I'm doing my own hair and makeup or hiring someone.   The contest has a hair and makeup person I need to check out.  

I also need to make sure I'm signed up to receive my spray tan before the show.  I am going to a tanning bed about once a week to get a base tan. *Update:  Thank you for smacking some sense into me! I read the comments below and realized what a bad idea going to a tanning bed is, so no more. 

Thank you again for all of your positive comments and support!  It really encourages me!  If you have any questions, please leave a comment.  I will answer in the comments and also use your comments in future blog posts so I can expand and answer in more detail.  

I do have an "after contest" plan to share with you soon too!  

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Take care of you! 

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Bikini Contest Prep // 3 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep // 3 Weeks Out
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