Sculpted Ab Routine (Just 3 Exercises)

As I mentioned yesterday when I shared my meal plan, I'm currently 12 weeks out from my first bikini competition and this week, I start doing my ab exercise routine everyday.  I have definitely seen improvements in the last two weeks in the toning/tightening of my stomach. I'm sure it's a combination of my clean meals, workouts/cardio, ab exercises, and perhaps this cream I've been using.  The picture below was snapped on Monday morning (April 15, 2014).  

Now that I'm 12 weeks out, I'm doing my ab exercises every day.  I do 3 exercises in a row, and repeat them 4 times.  These exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home too.  

1.  Leg Raises- 20 reps
When I'm at the gym, I do leg raises on the roman chair.  


At home, you can do them lying on the floor.  

Watch the video HERE.

2.  Medicine Ball V-Ups- 15 reps 
These are really hard, but I'm getting better at them.

Watch the video HERE.

3.  Russian Twists- 20 reps
I don't use any weight, I just sit on the floor and touch my hands to the floor on either side. 

Watch the video HERE.


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Sculpted Ab Routine (Just 3 Exercises)
Sculpted Ab Routine (Just 3 Exercises)
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