Bikini Contest Prep: 10 Weeks Out

Just popping in to share a progress picture I snapped today- 10 weeks out from my bikini contest.  I am seeing good progress, but I also am standing tall and "sucking in"! ;)  I hope that in the next few weeks, I won't have to try so hard! 

I'm happy to be back home so that I can stick to my eating and training routine.  Last week I was off my game with the trip to Dallas and then the Gala on Saturday night.  But, being home, I can eat my food and on schedule.  It's a lot of food to eat, but I'm hungry every few hours, so it's perfect right now.   

Also, while I was gone, we didn't get much sleep, staying up with late-night pillow chats that I wouldn't miss, but paid for when I got home.  I'm back on my sleep schedule now (which is CRUCIAL for the workouts I'm doing.  I notice a huge difference in the difficulty level of my workouts when I haven't gotten enough sleep.  Like, I want to quit and go home, but my trainer keeps me going.   I tend to be a night owl, but I find myself being ready for bed by 10:00 p.m. now.

I have to do posing practice for the show too.  I went to one session and it was terrible.  My coach said I was stiff and couldn't twist enough- she said I needed to get massages to loosen up . . .   My next posing practice is Friday, and I hope it goes better!  It feels ridiculous, but I don't want to embarrass myself on stage.

My trainer measured my body fat last Thursday, and it was down to 21% (from 25% when he first measured it).  I also lost 3 pounds.  I'm not sure how accurate the measurement it, and I really want to go to a facility to get it tested with the Bod Pod y'all recommended, but I haven't made time for it yet.  

I found the first picture I posted when I started working out again after the New Year.  It was taken on February 6, 2014.   The second picture is the one I took today, April 29, 2014- so just about 3 months apart.  And I only started with my trainer 5 weeks ago.  I'm wearing the same sports bra in both pictures.  Seeing it this way makes me realize how far I've come.  I'm proud of my efforts!

Okay, off to bed!  Gotta get that sleep!  Thank you for following in this journey with me!

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Bikini Contest Prep: 10 Weeks Out
Bikini Contest Prep:  10 Weeks Out
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