LARABAR GIVEAWAY | Eat Healthy & Get Outside

As we draw closer to the end of the year and towards the holidays and cold weather where we just want to bundle up and stay inside, I'm reminded that I don't want to slack off now and lose the fitness level that I worked so hard to achieve earlier this year.  It's so hard to get in shape, but so easy to get out of shape! I'm definitely going to enjoy myself and won't be sticking to a rigid routine these next couple months, but I plan to continue to exercise and eat healthy because I want to take care of myself and feel good.  As part of my daily meals, I typically eat a LÄRABAR each afternoon as that's about the time I'm hungry and heading out the door to get my son from school.  I'm never without them, because my son likes them too (as picky as he is), so there is always a LÄRABAR in my purse, gym bag, or car.  Do you do that too?  If you've ever been out and about, starving and grouchy, with equally grouchy and starving kids, you probably do. 

November 17 is National Take a Hike Day and if you need a bit of fuel before or after your walk, a LÄRABAR is the perfect thing for you.  I love that LÄRABAR is actually made by a real woman named Lara, who, in 2000, found herself hungry after a hike and created a natural food full of wholesome ingredients like fruit and nuts to give her a tasty healthy snack to fuel her active lifestyle.  Lara has a passion for natural foods (each LÄRABAR has no more than 9 ingredients, is gluten-free, non GMO, kosher, and most of the products are soy-free, dairy free and vegan).  There are so many flavors to choose from.  I'm a big fan of the chocolate and peanut butter flavors, but I know other people who prefer the fruity ones. 

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LARABAR GIVEAWAY | Eat Healthy & Get Outside
LARABAR GIVEAWAY | Eat Healthy & Get Outside
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