Do What You've Never Done

Now that I've been on this stricter bikini body meal plan for 3 weeks (along with my training), I can really see a difference in my physique.  My last post (10 weeks out from competition date) gives you a recent before/after photo.  I weighed myself today (which I do first thing in the morning for consistency) and it said 106.6.  I started at 110.? five weeks ago- so I've lost 4 pounds.  But keep in mind, I'm losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time.  Down 4% body fat according to my trainer's calipers. I'm a couple pounds heavier on my trainer's scale (probably because we weigh later in the day and I'm wearing shoes- but it's still a consistent 3-4 pounds lost. 

I have NEVER trained this hard so consistently or eaten this way so consistently.  And I'm reaping the results.  It makes eating the same thing over and over not so bad.  I never realized how LONG it takes to get in this kind of shape and the EFFORT you have to put in.  I see now that it's a process, one day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time.  I used to think that my flabby stomach was just here to stay after I had my son because it was never as tight as it was pre-pregnancy.  But now I can see that it was that way because I'm wasn't doing what I'm doing now.  Basically, working my ass off.  No other way to say it.  Makes me think of the statement below:

Although I am certain that YOU CAN do this, I will say that having a GOOD trainer makes a huge difference.  I can do my eating (with his guidance on what to eat- but now I've told you too:) and cardio on my own, but those workouts we do- I don't think I could do on my own.  He pushes me to keep my heart rate up the whole time and go, go, go.  I do get to rest for a short time when I'm winded and after a set of 3 exercises back to back (like 30 seconds), but then it's back at it.  Lunges, squat jumps, skaters, burpees, step ups, and a bunch of other exercises I don't know the name of. We really aren't lifting heavy weight, but it's the combination that makes it so challenging. I will find something that I can share with you so that you have a better idea of the kind of workouts we are doing.  

I hope you keep going too and are seeing the results you've never seen! 

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Do What You've Never Done
Do What You've Never Done
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