Bikini Contest Prep- 6 Weeks Out Progress Update

I went for my bikini consult to order my suit and I'll share that with you next, just off to the gym now and wanted to post my latest progress update. Although things are coming together, and if I hadn't committed to this contest, I'd be very satisfied with where I am now, but I still have lots more work to  do to get "competition ready."  

My body fat is 19% right now, but it only came down from 19.75 in the last two weeks.  We are looking for it to come down at least one point a week, so my trainer was saying he needed to adjust my diet. I had to confess the Cheerios I was eating at night.  He explained that ideally I would lose another 8 pounds before the contest, so every calorie counts and eating carbs right before bed is not a good idea. In fact, he prohibited any carbs after 6 PM from now on. I promised no more Cheerios, and I would instead be drinking my protein shake like I was supposed to.  I've been doing that the last couple days and I am hungry at night, so I've been going to bed earlier. This is actually a good thing because then I wake up more energized in the morning. Eating my meals consistently throughout the day prevents me from getting any midday slump.   

I also admitted to my trainer that I have not been able to give up my coffee creamer. He tried to persuade me against using it but said I could keep using it as long as I only used 1 tablespoon. It's a deal!

I really don't know if I can lose 8 pounds in six weeks,  but I am uping the intensity of my cardio now. I'm making sure to get in five, 45 minute sessions at a more intense rate.  I'm typically on the treadmill and do 15 incline at 2.5-3.0 intervals. This should help me burn more calories. I also measure everything I eat so I know I'm getting precisely the exact amount. I realized one fish filet per meal is not enough, it needs to be one and a half to equal 5 ounces cooked. 

I share all these details with you to let you know exactly what it takes to do something like this and also to chronicle my journey. I really appreciate you following along and your supportive comments. Thank you. 

One of the things I like most about having a trainer to help get me ready for this contest is that I don't have to stress about whether what I'm doing is working.  I can be confident that, if I just follow his directions, I will see changes and results.  When I used to workout before, I was never quite sure if what I was doing was going to get me the best results.  (Should I be doing more cardio?  How much?  Should I lift heavy weights or lighter?  What exactly should I be eating?) It's not easier with the trainer- I still work my tail off, but the mental part is better.  I don't feel like I'm spinning my wheels. 

On another note, Victoria's Secret has the cutest swimsuits lately.  I ordered the one above and 2 other mix and match styles.  Love them!

Have a great Thursday!  It's almost the weekend again!
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Bikini Contest Prep- 6 Weeks Out Progress Update
Bikini Contest Prep- 6 Weeks Out Progress Update
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