Food Preparation Day

One of the best things I can do in a week to ensure healthy meals are available and ready to go is prepare a batch ahead of time, usually on Sunday evening.  Then, I like to portion them out into containers so that all I have to do is heat them up.  A basic trio of ingredients eaten constantly in our house is grilled chicken, brown rice, and green veggies like zucchini.  This time, I also added black beans. 

For me, one large chicken breast is sliced and divided into two portions- one is usually too much for me.  I boil one cup of dry brown rice- it yields about 3 cups or so cooked.  Then, I just cut up the zucchini- I didn't even cook it.  I find that when I reheat the meal in the microwave for one minute, it's perfectly cooked. 

The best containers for packaging are the 3-cup kind, so you can add about a cup of each ingredient.  The containers below are only 2 cup.  

I like to add about a teaspoon of low-sodium soy sauce or teriyaki to the whole thing, but you can season it however you like. 

This is SO convenient for me on those busy nights when I don't have time to cook AND it saves the kitchen clean-up.  Double bonus!  Or I can just take a container with me to work.  

Do you do something similar?  What are you favorite meals to prepare a large batch of and eat throughout the week.  Chili also comes to mind for me.  

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p.s. Many of you asked what kind of containers I use.  My favorite are the Rubbermaid with Easy to Find Lids.  You can order them here.  I got mine at Costco.

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Food Preparation Day
Food Preparation Day
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