My Live Fit (WEEK 7) Recap

Ah, these workouts are getting harder!  But I think it's because I'm working full-time now, so just getting the workouts in is a challenge.  I'm determined to stick with it though.  Week 7 was the worst week as far as food goes.  On Wednesday (the day before I went to Dallas to visit Cassie and Courtney), I went out to eat and got a big cheeseburger and skipped the gym.  In Dallas, I didn't work out, so on Sunday, I had to fit in two workouts (back and the second leg day).  Also in Dallas, I really splurged on drinks and food.  Saturday night, I shared nachos with Cassie and was dipping mine in queso and sour cream.  I still think my body is responding though. 

Day 43: Arms + 20 minutes cardio (stair mill, alternating between 60-75)

Day 44:  Legs + Abs + 10 minutes cardio (stair mill, alternating between 60-75).  This leg workout was a KILLER.  The walking barbell "double" lunges were so hard.  I had to stop and take a breath after 10 reps.  My favorite leg exercise is the barbell leg squats, where you put one leg on a bench behind you while holding a barbell behind your neck and you squat down.  This are great for your quads.  

Day 46: Shoulders + Abs + 20 min cardio (stair mill, alternating between 60-75)

Day 47/Day 48: Legs & Back (No Cardio or Abs) 

I have a hernia (I think) that's been bothering me recently, so I'm not doing abs since Thursday.  I'm going to go to the doctor to get it checked asap. 

I didn't get photos from Week 1, 3, or 4.  I'm so ready to see what's in store for the rest of the program.  I just had to start calculating calories for Week 7, so I'll share that with you next week.  I keep thinking I will be SO READY come bikini time next summer. :) 

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My Live Fit (WEEK 7) Recap
My Live Fit (WEEK 7) Recap
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