My Live Fit Week 5 Recap

If you've been following along, you know I'm doing the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 Week Training Program.  I should have completed Week 5 two weeks ago, but a cold knocked me out for a week, so I had to wait to start Week 5 last week.  I'm happy to say that I completed it nearly perfectly and it feels so good!  At the end of this week, I am really starting to see visible changes in my figure.  My arms and shoulders and getting more defined and my waist is diminishing!!  I can see more tone in my legs too:)

I have started taking a Branched Chain Amino Acid supplement (I add 3 tablespoons in my water bottle) while I work out. I went with a brand recommended by Jillian Michaels in her book, Making the Cut (Twin Lab Amino Fuel).

Seeing these changes is giving me the motivation to continue my efforts at the gym and with my clean eating.  My meals are pretty much on auto pilot these days.  I haven't wanted to "cheat" because I don't want to ruin what I've been working so hard for.  I have had a few chocolates here and there, and I did have a hot cocoa with skim milk a few nights this week.  We ate sushi on Sunday, but I just had tuna sashimi and one roll.  

Week 5 started Phase 2 (of 3) and is Days 29-35. The workouts looked like this:

Below are the printouts that I take to the gym with me that tell me what exercises and how many repetitions to do.


I don't like to lift weights for chest, so I only did 2 chest exercises, then did abs and cardio.

I started keeping track of my workouts on DAY 31, which I should have been doing from the beginning.  I like seeing what weight I'm lifting and that I'm getting stronger.  (The number I write in signifies the weight I am lifting/the bottom number (if there is one) shows how many reps I did.

With abs, I usually superset them into each workout, even though the plan doesn't say you need to.  I'm doing that to TRY to tighten that post-pregnancy skin.  It's getting much better, but I'm not sure it will ever go away completely. 

This was supposed to be a rest day, but it was such gorgeous weather here that I did a 3-mile jog at the park.  I did intervals, alternating between walking and running.

I had my body fat measured at my gym last Friday, with a 3 Site Skinfold test (that's where they pinch you at your tricep, abdomen, and thigh).  The result was 14.5% and I weighed 103 pounds.  I'm 5'1 and petite.  

But, I didn't really trust that body fat number, because I thought it was too low for what I look like now.  I was last tested at my old gym in May 2012 and I was at 22%.  (Right after I had my son, I was at 29%).  So, I went back to my old gym and they restested me using a 4 Site Skinfold test, and the result was 16.3%.  I assume the correct number is somewhere in the middle, around 15%.  

I'm not necessarily too concerned with the body fat number (but I was curious), I just want to achieve a little more definition all over.  

* * * * * 

(Some of you super observant folks might have noticed I accidentally watermarked some of these photos with Honey We're Home.  Old habits die hard and it was late:) 

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My Live Fit Week 5 Recap
My Live Fit Week 5 Recap
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