My Top 5 Workout Essentials

There are a few things I always have with me at the gym.  

Music is a great boost for your mood and energy while working out, a true essential if you ask me.  I've got lots of songs on my iPod that really get me going and give me that extra push I need to do a strong workout.  Music is also great for when you are doing cardio and you need to get through "one more song" . . . again and again.  When my battery dies and I'm left without it, I hate it!  I hear that Apple is coming out with a new iPod that has just been sent to the stores.  I'd like to get it, mine is really old and doesn't hold a charge very long.  I need to figure out how to create a playlist for you.  

What songs do you like to workout to??

It's so important to stay hydrated during your workouts.  My very favorite water bottle is called Polar Bottle (24 oz) and you can find it at most sporting goods stores or on their website.  This bottle is insulated, so it keeps your water cold.  I typically drink a bottle and a half to two during a workout.  
I definitely prefer to lift weights while wearing gloves to prevent calluses- so not sexy!  Just don't forget to wash them.  Right now, I'm using an old pair by Nike.
Oh ladies, don't even get me started on sports bras!  Seriously, how hard is it to find one you like, that fits, holds you in, doesn't pinch or hurt your shoulders, is cute?!?!  My all-time favorite is by Under Armour, the Essential Seamless Sports Bra, but it's not necessarily one I would run in (maybe if I doubled up), although it does keep the girls pretty, um, locked in there.  I also wear this as a bra during the day for under tank tops since it has a racer back and is seamless/wireless.  I think Under Armour does make good running bras too.  I'm not a fan of the tank tops with built-in bras because I don't feel they give enough support.  Also, if I get too hot while doing cardio, I want to be able to take off my tank.

Please share in the comments if you know of a good sports bra.  "Girls" everywhere are dying to hear!

I need a watch to keep me on pace during my weightlifting routine.  I don't want to rest too long (1-2 minutes depending on how heavy I'm going), so my eye is always on my watch.  I use a cheapie one from WalMart that I got for $15.  I also really like the Baby G-Shock watches- they come in all kinds of fun colors.

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My Top 5 Workout Essentials
My Top 5 Workout Essentials
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